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We are the Perth gas heating system experts. Our business provides professional service and a range of gas heating systems and gas heaters in the Perth WA metropolitan area.

Gas heating is probably the most comfortable of all forms of heating used to heat our living areas and rooms. The most common gas heating systems are plug-in portable gas heaters which are inexpensive and very efficient.  Many older homes have inbuilt flued gas heaters which are also very efficient.


Gas Heaters Perth WA

Modern gas heaters are becoming increasingly efficient, with some reaching up to 92% efficiency! In recent years, log fire gas heaters (inbuilt and freestanding) have become very popular and are an excellent way of replacing your old freestanding wood heater or existing inbuilt space heater.

Gas Heaters Perth WA Experts

As Gas Experts, we have supplied, installed and serviced tens of thousands of gas heating systems in Perth over many years. It is highly recommended that you have your gas heater serviced before you use it each year.

We service Vulcan, Pyrox, Everdure, Cannon, Rinnai, Bonaire, Regency, Paloma, Heatcharm, Ug, Woodland gas heaters and many more.

Perth Gas Heating Supply and Installation

We can also supply and install a new inbuilt gas heating system for you. It is vital that you don’t simply go and buy a gas heater and hope it's going to fit without measuring first. We offer a complete measure up service so you know your new gas heater is going to fit.

We know through experience which gas heaters are good quality. Call us today.

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