Gas Hot Water Perth - Solar Hot Water Perth, Western Australia

Gas Hot Water Perth Experts

We are the Perth hot water system experts, providing professional service, advice and quality products for all gas hot water and solar hot water systems in the Perth metropolitan area.

A hot water system is the most used appliance in the household and our small team of dedicated professionals are committed to giving you the right advice on the right products at the right price for all of your gas hot water and solar hot water needs.

Gas Hot Water Perth Service and Repairs

Every Perth household's gas hot water needs are different, so there is no perfect one size fits all method for servicing or repairing. HotWaterWA have been servicing all kinds of gas hot water systems in Perth for years, so you can rely on our expertise and experience to get the job done, no matter what gas hot water system your house uses.

Why Choose Solar Hot Water in Perth?

Essentially, installing a solar hot water system allows you use the sun's free energy to heat your water. Living in Perth with the abundance of sunlight for solar energy, it’s an alternative that makes sense. Furthermore, solar hot water systems greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to gas hot water systems. CO2 emissions are reduced by as much as 3 tonnes each year per Perth household using solar hot water!

You can reduce your yearly hot water energy consumption by 50-90% by switching to solar hot water. As energy costs continue to rise you'll be very glad you made the switch to solar hot water. Plus, you may qualify for a Government rebate on the cost of your new solar hot water system.

Expert Advice on Gas Hot Water and Solar Hot Water in Perth

Over the last eight years we have helped many hundreds of people from all over Australia, NZ, Canada, Mauritius and the USA with advice on gas hot water and solar hot water, regardless of whether we made a sale or not.


If you need any advice regarding gas or solar hot water, simply drop us an email and we will endeavour to reply within 24 hours.


If you are in the Perth metropolitan area and require a service call, send us an email or call Dave on 0418940465 or Scott on 0403309939.

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